Lease Car Returns & Insurance Claims

598525_465283976815880_43362958_nWhen returning your car back from leasing, it will be inspected to see if it is in the condition as laid out in your returns policy. Failure to comply can lead to expensive charges.

Perfect Paint can return your vehicle to as new condition at a fraction of the cost most lease companies charge!

If your cars due back off lease why not find out how much we can save you!

The last week of June to the first week in July 2015 we have just refurbished a fleet of 24 Citroens to as new condition including fitting new carpets to several DS3’s as the had severley worn by the clutch, saving our customer £000’s.

Have you had an accident?

Did you know, in the unfortunate event of an accident, fault or non-fault, legally, you can request the work to be carried out by a repairer of your choice!

Claiming off your insurance… We will pay 10 % of your claim for you towards your insurance excess to soften the blow!*

Here at Perfect Paint we have helped many people get their car back on the road with minimal stress.

We can arrange for your car to be collected, repaired and delivered back to you as good as new.

Need a car in the meantime, no problem, we can arrange with the insurance company to get a car delivered to you!*

*E.g, if your claim is worth £1500 we will pay £150 towards your excess. 10% payments upto and not exceeding your total excess.